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We will keep updating this section over next few weeks. Your privacy is most important aspect of our work. Basic rules are listed below. Anything missing please do not hesitate to raise us on Gitter or directly.

  • Madcore will authorize your Bitbucket account for the purpose of email verification. You are then able to select one of your bitbucket teams as a subdomain prefix for madcore.cloud domain. For example if your team name is “myapp1team” you will be offered a selection of Madcore domains to choose from. For example “myapp1team.madcore.cloud” or “myapp1team.coxodox.com”
  • Your Bitbucket email and your Bitbucket team plus Madcore domain is then used to create a master Madcore Account for you. At that time your AWS Account ID is known to us. Madcore is delegating full DNS control over subdomain as Route53 zone in your AWS.
  • Your email address is sent to Let’s Encrypt .org to obtain FREE proper SSL certificate for your new domain.
  • There are several subdomains that are automatically created for you within your Route53 zone. All point to IP of your Core instance however HAProxy redirects them to internal services residing on the Core instance like: https jenkins.myapp1team.madcore.cloud would point to your Jenkins. https kubedash.myapp1team.madcore.clud would point to your Kubernetes dashboard and so on. Reporting of abusive usage of our delegated domain WILL result in Domain Suspension.
  • Within the app we track anonymized usage and schedules (all hosts, ip’s, instance id’s or ANY information that can identify you are anonymized before leaving your app. This is only for Madcore to improve services
  • Post-install plugins may request Oauth credentials for various services. Each plugin will have DETAILED explanation of the life of credentials and ways of removing credentials once service is performed (which happens by default when plugin is deactivated). Credentials would always be used in your cloud only to provide service for you and not be transferred anywhere else. Each time you will have ability to track lifetime of specified credential.

Entire Core software is in https://github.com/madcore-ai team domain space. We have detailed description on how the Core functions without the app. You are encouraged to experiment and find all the details by yourself. You can even deploy locally on Vagrant before you decide to deploy in AWS. Any comments especially in regards to privacy and security are of paramount importance to all of us. We want to make cool and helpful software but also transparent and secure.

Concerns? Chat with us Live at https://gitter.im/madcore-ai/core

We never collect or store any of your cloud credentials.