DevOps on KubernetesKubernetes Clusters

DevOps on Kubernetes

Deploy Kubernetes on AWS from your local computer. Madcore is loaded with DevOps features. Months of effort yours to experience in a single unattended sequence.

pip install madcore

Kubernetes Clusters

Build Apache Spark, Elastic Search and native K8S clusters. Build immediately. Access privately or through public, SSL-based ingress controllers. Based on Amazon Auto Scaling Groups and Spot Instances.

madcore plugin install spark

How to DevOps with 
Machine Intelligence? 

Old fashioned methods of software development and deployment are simply not enough when dealing with machines learning from massive datasets. Flexibility and speed of system assembly, tracking and comparing result of simulations, auto-documenting all attempts is now a requirement. Not only in code, but in devops, endpoint configuration, data structures and data sets.

What if interactions between systems can also be scripted and shared? What if you keep your specific code and private data to yourself but selectively share algorithms related to data processing and devops? What if you can build your next cluster taking advantage of years of collective knowledge? Not implementing, not installing, not configuring but passed all that, focused only on what matters to you most. The answer is Madcore.


Core is packed with latest tools. Jenkins as API and auto-configuration all done through parametrized pipelines. Kubernetes and core components based on latest, native, unmodified Google containers. 


Auto-scaling group with spot instances. Small clusters of K8S, Elastic Search and Spark, up to 200 instances, are launched immediately and show up in Kubernetes Dashboard ready for use within few minutes.


By default all access is locked. You can however, with a single command, deploy Kubernetes Ingress controller with automatic free domains and SSL certificates for for every component. Perfect for processing secure streams or other data probing and ingest mechanisms.







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How are we different?


To install Madcore use your local AWS credentials. Security is of paramount importance to you and to us. Full transparency as to when and how your credentials are being used.


Core instance has dashboards and API endpoints but only from IP you installed it from. As you move around single command will reconfigure access. Convenient and easy risk reduction.


All private or public endpoints is automatically terminated with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Madcore provides full subodmain delegation into your account as part of installation. Valid, secure FQDN is done for you and without effort.


Madcore plugin is a combination of Jenkins DSL pipelines, AWS Cloud Formation scripts and Kubernetes Pods/Flannel definitions. You very quickly define your own sequence, reuse several deployment jobs we have already and define how your software is deployed into the K8S cluster.